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Where’s my wi-fi password?

How to find your default wi-fi password

Every modem comes with a default password – usually a mix of letters and numbers that look like a cat walked over a keyboard.

If you ever need to find that password, there are a few ways you can go about it, which we’ve listed here. Just keep in mind we’ve written these instructions with Belong modems in mind (although they’re common to a lot of others, too).

Tip: Do you see two wi-fi networks with the same name, but one with a 5G at the end? You can use the same password for both – they’re just different frequencies on the same network. Find out more about frequencies in our article on how to improve your wi-fi.

1. Check the bottom of the modem

The back of your Belong modem will have your network name (or SSID) and default password (or network key). Newer modems also have a QR code that you can scan to connect a mobile device on the spot.

2. Look for your blue wi-fi card

Your modem comes with a blue card (about the size of a business card) that has your network name, default password and a connection QR code. If you don’t remember seeing the card, double check your modem box (or wherever you usually keep the bits and pieces that come with your tech).

Tip: pop the card on your fridge so it’s easy to find next time you need it.

3. Get the password from another device 

You might also be able to find the network password from a device that’s already connected (usually in the wi-fi settings). If you’re not sure how, do a quick search online for instructions specific to your device. This tip also works if you’re no longer using the default password.

Want to change your password or wi-fi name to something a little more memorable? You can also set your own wi-fi name and password.

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