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Financial Hardship

Belong is committed to providing simple plans with no surprises. But we also realise that life can throw in some surprises and you may find yourself in genuine financial hardship and unable to pay for your Belong service.

These situations may include, unemployment, sudden illness, a death in the family, or being affected by domestic or family violence, natural disaster such as fire, flood or drought, or any other temporary or ongoing cause.

How we can assist you

If your situation meets our Financial Hardship policy criteria, we'll work with you to get control of your Belong account sooner.

Our Financial Hardship policy covers unforeseen circumstances that may impact our customers’ ability to meet their current financial commitments.

The options we may offer you (subject to assessment) include:

  • Transfer to a lower cost plan

  • Waiver of current owing amounts

  • Waiver of applicable contract early termination fees

To assess your application for Financial Hardship support and identify a suitable solution for you, we may need to ask you some questions about your situation and your financial circumstances. We understand that a small amount of help now may prevent bigger problems later, and we’re here to keep you and your Belong service going.

You have the right to request the details of this financial hardship plan at any time.

For assistance with a mobile account, submit a request.

For assistance with a broadband account, submit a request.

We can also help you pay your next bill:

  • No additional data usage charges

  • Predictable monthly charges

  • Restriction of services to prevent further debt

Where can I get more help?

You might wish to consider obtaining advice from:


We’re always working to make as accessible as possible.

For more information on accessibility and the telecoms industry see Accessible Telecoms.


If you want to make a complaint, or would like to check the progress of a complaint, please contact us by email at

To understand what happens when you raise a complaint, read our complaint handling process.