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How do I improve my wi-fi?

Five things you can do to help your wi-fi hum

If your modem’s all hooked up, but you’re still having problems with your signal, give these tips a go.

Start by troubleshooting

Before you start moving your modem or tinkering with the settings, check if there’s a bigger connectivity issue at play.

How to run the Belong troubleshooting tool:

  1. Log in to my account

  2. Select Manage internet

  3. Under Manage your service, select Troubleshoot your nbn

You can also run our troubleshooting tool from the Belong app.

Move your modem

Your modem’s signal will be strongest if you keep it off the ground (like on a desk or shelf), ideally somewhere in the middle of your house. Try not to keep it in closed spaces either, like cupboards or boxes.

Be aware of signal blockers

Certain things can stop a wi-fi signal from travelling properly. If you can, find a place where your modem won’t be tucked behind things like:

  • Appliances (e.g. microwaves, fridges and TVs)

  • Mirrors

  • Devices with wireless technology (e.g. game consoles and set-top boxes)

  • Aquariums

Choose the right frequency

If you look for your wi-fi network on a device, does it appear twice, once with 5G or 5GHz at the end? If so, these are your modem’s two frequencies. If you spread your devices over both frequencies, they don’t have to fight as much for bandwidth.

How to choose the right frequency:

2.4GHz: Slower wi-fi speeds, but more reliable for devices that are further from the modem. If you see a network name without '2.4GHz' or '5GHz' at the end, this is your 2.4GHz frequency.

5GHz: Faster wi-fi speeds, as long as the device is relatively close to the modem.

If you don’t see two frequencies, you might have a newer modem that selects the best frequency for you automatically. Nice.

Change your modem channel

This one gets a little technical, but can be handy if you’re somewhere with a lot of wi-fi networks overlapping (like in an apartment block).

Modem channels are a very specific band within a frequency. By using a different channel from the modems around you, you’ll have a better chance of having a clear channel to transmit on.

To set your channel, you’ll need to log into your modem’s settings. You can usually find instructions for this online – you’ll just need to know your modem type.

How to set the channel on a Belong modem

Recommended channels

2.4GHz: 1, 6, 11

5GHz: 36, 52, 100, 132, 149

Prefer a video explanation?

We’ve got you.

How wi-fi works

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