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Plans made for digital lives 

Our lives are pretty online these days, and most people just want a simple, affordable way to get connected. 
So, we put the good stuff first (hello, unlimited home internet and mobile data banking). We don’t tie you down (seeya later, lock-in contracts). And we’re only a call, chat or email away if you need us.

Backed by Telstra

You might not have heard of Belong, but you probably know our mum and dad.

Telstra started Belong in 2013. The plan was to start a company that could offer the usual telco things at a lower price. That meant no stores or new phone deals, but the same great security and coverage – using parts of the Telstra mobile network.

Climate Active program certified

It takes a lot of energy to store and send the data that makes our digital world so good. Since 2019, we’ve been calculating and offsetting the carbon emissions associated with all our customers’ plans, with help from Climate Active.

Please note: Our Carbon Thumbprint app has now been decommissioned.

In a nutshell

  • Nice prices

    Simple plans and features mean low costs for you.

  • Trusty service

    Get reliable connection and mobile coverage to 98.8% of the population.

  • Easy peasy

    Get in touch via phone, chat or email – or self-manage online.

  • Serious security

    Every day the Telstra security team block millions of cyber threats.

What else have we been thinking?

Enough about plans and company history. Take a look at our blog for all the other internetty things we’ve been thinking about lately.

Our awards

  • Winner Finder awards 2022 Green telco of the year (overall) Award

    Green Telco of the Year


  • Annual winner Whistleout 2022 - Sustainable Internet Provider of the year award

    Sustainable Internet Provider of the Year


  • Finder postpaid mobile provider - High data 2023

    Postpaid Mobile Provider High Data

    Finder Awards

  • Winner Finder award 2022 Green broadband Provider of the year Award

    Green Broadband Provider of the Year