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It’s a big world. We’re helping to shrink it.

We’re working to make our world a more inclusive place – by giving Australians the tools to reach across the planet at the touch of a button.

Whether you’re looking to call loved ones in distant countries or just send the odd email, we’re here to make it happen.

Have you ever seen a face in a rock? We have.

Our desire to belong and connect often surfaces when we see faces in inanimate objects. Our rock stars have big smiles and big hearts. You might spot them on the tele, singing a feel-good tune as they roll into each other's arms. They’re here to bring the good times, and celebrate the warm fuzzies that come from connection. It feels good to Belong.

Many nations before this one

Long before Federation, across more than 65,000 years, hundreds of nations flourished on this continent and the descendants of those nations are part of the oldest continuous culture on the planet.

The First Peoples are the traditional custodians and original owners of this land. They’re an essential link to this country’s past and have a vital role to play in its future.

At Belong we collaborate with traditional owners and First Nations staff to embody the wisdom of the First Peoples and learn from this essential perspective.

Our very own planet earth smiling with Australia on the side of its face.

We’re 100% carbon neutral

There's no getting around it: internet and mobile companies create a lot of greenhouse gases. We want to be part of the solution, so in 2019 we went completely carbon neutral – so you can surf the world wide web while caring about the whole wide world.

Getting the most of your internet when everyone is home

With entire households staying home it can be challenging upholding a connection, especially during internet peak times when everyone is tiring the wi-fi out.

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Hello Belong sculpture

Steps to securely work from home

As we grow familiar with the idea of working away from our traditional workspace, the need to work securely while at home remains as important as ever.

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Securely work from home

Our awards

Belong Most Satisfied Postpaid Mobile Customers Award - Canstar Blue 2020

Most Satisfied Postpaid Mobile Customers

Canstar Blue

Belong Finder Award 2020 - Green Telco of the Year

Green Telco of the Year


Belong Green Mobile Plan Provider Award - Finder 2021

Green Mobile Plan Provider of the Year