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Moving home with Belong internet

When it’s time to move, it feels good knowing you have the info you need to get your internet up and running smoothly. Here are main things to keep in mind. 

1. Give us a heads up

Your new address might need work done to connect to the nbn®. The sooner you let us know where you’re moving, the sooner we can work with nbn co to get it sorted for you (about two weeks should do it). 

To get started, head to our moving page.

2. Pack your modem, leave the nbn box

Different addresses have different nbn connection types, which means any nbn equipment needs to stay where it is. 

When you move, just take your modem and any cables that go with it.  

3. Set up the modem at your new place 

When your service is active, we’ll send an SMS to let you know. It’ll also include a link to the right Belong modem set-up guide. Follow the instructions to get your internet up and running. 

If you don’t have a Belong modem, you’ll need to get the set-up guide from the manufacturer of your device. The exact guide will depend on your nbn connection type, which you can find in your confirmation email from us. 

How to figure out your nbn connection type

Ready to move?

Let's get the packing tape rolling - head to our moving page.

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