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How do I set up my modem for the nbn?

To help you set up your modem and connect to the nbn we have created some setup guides. To check the one relevant to you, identify your modem and your nbn technology type (how your premises are physically connected to the nbn).

Identify your modem

Underneath Belong supplied modems are stickers with model information. You can also check the images below to identify Belong modems.

Identify your technology type

Your technology type is how the nbn is setup to connect to your premises. How you connect your modem depends on your technology type.

If you recently joined Belong, your activation email mentions your technology type.

Check out

You can also and that will tell you what technology type is connected to your premises.

Belong DWA0122 modem

DWA0122 Modem Support

Belong 4353 modem

Belong 4353 modem Support

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