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How to transfer your mobile service to another Belong account

Want to transfer a Belong mobile or data service to someone else? Here’s what you need to know.

Who can transfer a Belong service?

You can transfer your Belong service if you’re the account owner or have full authority to make changes to the account. Check out our support article about adding another authorized person to your account for more info.

A service can’t be transferred if: 

  • They’re disconnected or cancelled. 

  • They’ve been suspended. 

  • They have an unpaid or overdue bill. 

The person receiving the service needs to have a Belong account. 

How do I transfer my service? 

Give us a call on 1300 235 664. We’ll need to talk to the account owner (or someone with authority to make changes to the account) and the person taking over the service so we can authorise the transfer. Both parties need to be available at the same time. 

What if I can’t reach the person I’m transferring the service to? 

We need authorisation from both the parties to process any transfer requests. 

If your safety is at risk due to domestic abuse, let our support agent know when you call and we can talk through alternatives. 

How do I transfer or cancel a service in the event of a death? 

and we’ll walk you through the process. 

Will the person receiving the service need a new SIM card? 

No. The current service owner needs to give them their SIM card.

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