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Changes to our $15 mobile plan

What’s changing?

We’re moving customers from our $15 mobile plan and will be moving anyone still on it over to our $19 plan.

New plan and data - $19 Mobile Plan 5GB/month
Current plan and data - $15 Mobile Plan 5GB/month

Where can I find out more about the $19 plan?

Check out the Belong Mobile Critical Information Summary (PDF | 193 KB).

Why was this change made?

We regularly review and make changes to our plans, and in this case made the decision to move to a $19 plan. The price point allows us to continue to provide the service that customers demand while remaining competitive in the current economic environment most businesses are facing.

How will I know the date of my plan change?

You will receive an email from us ahead of your plan change, giving you enough notice to prepare. We will be moving customers on the $15 mobile plan at different times and letting them know via email. So, it’s important to make sure your contact email address in your account is up to date.

Here's how to update your email address

What does this change mean for me?

Your plan will cost $19 a month. Everything else stays the same, including any international calls and text or data top-ups you might have applied.

What if I don’t want to move to the $19 mobile plan?

If the plan no longer suits your needs, you can change to another plan or cancel your service using the Belong app at no cost.

Why am I being changed to the $19 plan, but my friend/partner’s $15 plan isn’t?

We are moving customers at different times, so if anybody hasn't received a message from us yet, they will be notified shortly and provided enough notice before the change happens.

When does my plan change?

You’ll get an email from us ahead of any change to your plan. You’ll also get an email from us when the change has been made. Your plan cost will change from your next payment date.

What happens to my bill?

Your service will be switched over to the new plan from the date on your email– and from that date onward you’ll automatically be billed $19 per month. We’ll send you an email once it’s been completed.

Can I move to a different plan after the rate plan has changed to $19?

Yes you can, however you will have to wait until your next payment cycle to be able to change plans again.

More questions?

If you have any questions at all, call us on 1300 235 664.

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