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Getting started with voicemail

Voicemail overview: 

  • Automatically available to Belong mobile customers who activate a new service from 20th of July 2022.

  • Will be available to existing Belong mobile customers between the 20th of July 2022 and 31st of August. You’ll know it’s switched on when you get your first SMS saying you’ve received a voicemail message.

  • This service will be automatically switched on.

  • For existing Belong mobile customers Message2Text will be switched off. If you wish to continue using the Message2Txt service, you can do so by logging into your My mobile account via the Belong website.

  • By switching off your voicemail, this will automatically revert your service back to Message2Txt.

  • Answering services are not compatible with Belong data plans.

How do I set up my voicemail mailbox? 

Your voicemail provides a personal answering service when you can’t answer your phone or miss a call. Callers are greeted with your own personal greeting and then asked to leave a message.

The first time you access your mailbox through dialling 101, you will be prompted to turn on the mailbox. Voice prompts will help you in setting up your mailbox and help you use other features of the service.

You will be asked to:  

  • Set a PIN for the mailbox 

    1. The PIN must be 6 digits and cannot be repeated or serial/consecutive numbers.  

    2. If you don’t set a PIN at the time of set up, you’ll get a reminder to finish the voicemail set-up every time you access voicemail.   

  • Record and save your name and personal greeting  

You can also re-record your personal greeting by dialling 101 and picking option ‘2’ to listen, delete or record your personal greeting.

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