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How to find and read your internet invoice

Looking for your nbn® invoice? Here’s where to find it and how to read it.

How to find your invoice

  1. Log into your account

  2. Choose 'Manage internet'

  3. Scroll down to 'Payments and invoices'

  4. Choose the invoice you’d like to download or read

For more info on managing your account, check out this support article.

How to read your invoice

There are three parts of your invoice.

An image of a Belong invoice, with three numbers on it highlighting sections of the bill: a 1 to 
the right in the “Charges & services section”, a 2 across the top in the “What you’ve paid” section, 
and a 3 to the far left.

Part 1: the 'Charges & service summary' section

This part of your invoice explains what you're paying and why. At a minimum, you'll see the internet plan you're on and the standard cost of the plan.

This is also where we'll list any discounts or credits (where applicable).

A Belong invoice zoomed in on section 1 – “Charges & service summary” – to show an 
Unlimited NBN Premium item listed as a charge.

Here are some common examples:

  • Promotional offers or discounts.

  • Rebates/credits for a connection or appointment delay (where eligible, or passed-through from nbn®).

The bottom of this section lists the total amount you’ve paid for this invoice and an amount you have left owing on your account from a previous invoice (or where the payment for this invoice was unsuccessful).

Parts 2 and 3: the admin parts of your invoice

Part 2 is the 'What you’ve paid' section across the top of your invoice displays:

  • The date your invoice was issued

  • A unique invoice number

  • The account number for your internet service

A Belong bill zoomed in on section 2 – “What you've paid” – to highlight the invoice’s date 
and identifying number.

Part 3 is the billing section: that’s where you’ll find your billing address, information on when this invoice was paid, the payment method and how much you’ve paid. You’ll also find our contact number if you need a hand with anything.

A Belong invoice zoomed in on section 3, in the left-hand column of the page, to highlight 
the service’s billing address and the amount they’ve paid for this invoice.

Looking for your mobile or data service invoices?

If you need help tracking down a mobile or data service invoice, check out our support articles on and .

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