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How do I read and understand my mobile bill?

Your mobile invoice in detail

Each invoice for your Belong mobile service gives you a summary of your recent charges, payments and credits.

If you’re looking to dive into the details, here’s the lowdown on how to read your invoice. And if you’re looking for your recent invoices, here’s how to find them.

What kind of invoice is it?

  • First up, it’s important to know that there are two kinds of Belong mobile invoices:
    Monthly – These cover your regular monthly billing cycle, and show a ‘service period’ on the left-hand side of the invoice.

  • One-off – These are issued to cover data top-ups, International Roaming Packs and other one-off expenses, and don’t show a service period.

Your invoice in detail

Here’s the section-by-section breakdown of your mobile invoice.


The top section of your invoice shows any credits that went into your account in the previous month. These could be from promotional bonuses, from discount codes or from store-bought SIM deals – or just from good old-fashioned payments made into your account.


If this is a monthly invoice, the middle section will show your standard monthly charges. If it’s a one-off invoice, it’ll show the cost of the data top-up or other one-off expenses from the service period.

Either way, your total charges for the invoice will be shown at the bottom of the box.

Underneath your total charges, you’ll see how much GST was included in the previous month, which is worked out based on the balance of the total credits and total charges.

Amount due

This is calculated from the total of the month’s credits and charges, and shows whether you actually owed anything on the invoice.
If the total is zero, your credits covered all of your charges. If it’s above zero, the amount shown was charged to you on the due date using your chosen payment method.

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