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How long will it take to connect my internet?

The install time for the nbn can vary. It depends on a few things, like:

  • What work NBN Co has already done at your property

  • The type of nbn technology being installed

  • The availability of nbn installers

If you’re already on the nbn or connecting at an address that’s been connected to the nbn before

We’ll usually activate your service in 2–5 working days. That also includes the time it takes to send you a modem (if you’re not using your own). For metro areas, you’ll generally get your modem in 1–3 working days. In regional areas, you’re looking at 5–7 working days.

If you already have a modem or router that’ll work with the nbn tech at your address, you can get your service running as soon as we tell you it’s activated (either by email or SMS).

Find out how to set up a BYO modem, if you need a hand.

If the nbn has never been connected at your address

You may need an nbn installation appointment. That might take a bit longer, depending on when nbn technicians are available in your area. We’ll tell you the earliest available appointment during your connection order.

If you’re renting, you might need to talk to the property owner as well.

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