How to improve your internet speed at Belong

How to improve your internet speed at Belong

Tips to improve your internet speed

How to improve your Wi-Fi Connection

Watch the video to find out how you can improve your connection.

Other things that may affect your internet speed

  • Number of people in your home connected to the internet
  • Streaming or uploading high volume content, putting pressure on the bandwidth
  • Presence of malware or viruses corrupting files and using memory needed for internet function
  • Quality of the connection between your house and the internet exchange
  • Distance from the internet exchange
  • Quality of your telephone line
  • Internet traffic in your neighbourhood
  • Bad weather
  • Network outage. To check if there is an outage, please go to the Trouble Shooting Tool

Check your internet speed range based on your connection type

Reasons your connection may be slow that you can fix right now

Have you used up all of your allowance on your current plan?

If you are over your allowance, we slow your service to 256kbps. Track your usage.

Downloading large files, updating software or backing up photos consume data and slow your bandwidth.
If you use up your data allowance regularly, you may wish to upgrade your plan.

Is anything interfering with your Wi-Fi?

Certain objects, appliances and large bodies of water can block your Wi-Fi signal. Place your modem higher and in a central spot, avoiding the below:

  • baby monitors
  • base stations of cordless phones
  • Bluetooth devices
  • brick or marble internal walls
  • copper plumbing
  • fridges
  • filing cabinets
  • hot water systems
  • mirrors
  • microwaves
  • TVs

If you are experiencing interference from other wifi signals you may need to change your wireless channel. Find more detail here

Is someone else using your service?

You are able to check for unauthorised users. Check the back of your modem for the model then follow the corresponding instructions for Technicolour TG797 and Sagemcom F@ST 4315.

Is there malware or a virus impacting your connection speed?

Your internet speed may be reduced by viruses and malware corrupting files using up memory that would otherwise be for internet function. To check if your computer is being affected by a virus, you may want to run an antivirus scan. If you have an anti-virus program installed, run a full system scan across all files on your computer for a virus. If you do not have an antivirus scan installed, a few online options include McAfee, BitDefender and ESET.

Try Online Troubleshooting

If your speed test result was below the expected range for your service type, our online troubleshooting tool can take you through some simple troubleshooting steps.