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Belong modem warranties

If you’re having an issue with your modem and we’ll do our best to help you.

The below information applies to modems supplied by Belong. For modems or routers purchased outside of Belong, refer to your manufacturer or place of purchase for warranty details.

Faulty products – know your rights

Even with the great products and services we offer, we know that sometimes things can go wrong. The good news is you’ve got a number of rights when your product is faulty. We’ll help you explore your options under the manufacturer’s warranty, our policies and your legal rights called Consumer Guarantees.

The manufacturer’s warranty and Belong policies

Our modems have a manufacturer’s warranty which covers manufacturing faults with the product on particular terms set by the manufacturer. You’ll usually be entitled to a replacement or repair of your product if a manufacturing fault happens during the term of the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Important legal rights called Consumer Guarantees

For products you buy from us, you also have legal rights known as Consumer Guarantees. This includes a guarantee that those products will be fit for purpose, safe, durable, acceptable in appearance and free from faults for a reasonable period of time having regard to factors like the type of product and its cost.

Consumer guarantees apply regardless of any manufacturer’s warranty or Belong policies and can apply even after the manufacturer’s warranty has ended.

You’re entitled to a solution if a consumer guarantee isn't met

You’re entitled to a solution if a product doesn’t meet a consumer guarantee. Where a product is faulty, the solution will depend on the type of fault and whether that fault is ‘major’.

A major fault includes a fault that would make the product unsafe, substantially unfit for purpose (either the purpose for which the goods are commonly used or a specified purpose which was disclosed to the customer prior to purchase), or would normally stop someone from buying the particular product if they’d known about the nature and extent of the fault.

If your product has a major fault, you can choose whether to have it repaired or replaced, or to receive a refund. You may even be able to end the service contract that is connected with the faulty product. If your product doesn’t have a major fault we’ll replace or repair your device within a reasonable time. Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired.  Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods. If possible, you should back up your data as the repair process may result in the loss of any data stored on your device.

For more information about Consumer Guarantees and your return rights, please visit the ACCC Website.

These rights don’t apply if you caused the damage

The manufacturer’s warranty, our policies and Consumer Guarantees don’t apply if you have damaged your device. This can include exposing a device to moisture (usually referred to as ‘liquid ingress’) or dropping it. Sometimes you might not know that you caused the fault.

Even if you’ve caused damage to your device we’re still here to help. However, you may need to pay a fee to have your device repaired or replaced. An assessment fee can also apply.

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