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Belong customers benefit from Telstra’s tireless work stomping scams

Every day, Telstra is stopping shady (and just plain annoying) scam emails, SMS and calls. Since we use parts of Telstra’s mobile network, every Belong customer gets those benefits too.

Covering 98.8% of Aussies

Check our coverage near you using this colourful map. You just need to enter your address. We use parts of Telstra’s network and cover 98.8% of Aussies.

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Millions of scam calls, texts and emails blocked

Each month, Telstra blocks, on average:

  • 23 million scam SMS

  • 13 million scam calls

  • 332 million scam emails

That’s millions (and millions) of scams people don’t see when they’re on Telstra’s network. Telstra is always looking for new ways to protect people using their network – including every Belong customer.

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