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Voice over LTE (VoLTE) FAQs

What is Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

Voice over LTE lets you make clearer phone calls over our 4G (also known as LTE) network, where it's available

More importantly, when our 3G network closes in June 2024, you’ll need VoLTE to make or receive phone calls. We’ll share more information about the 3G network closure in later 2023.

What devices are compatible with VoLTE on Belong’s network?

To use VoLTE, you'll need a 4G/5G device which is VoLTE-capable. It will also need to be compatible with the following technology and bands:

  • Required: 4G 700 MHz (B28) banding

  • Optional: 4G 1800 MHz (B3) banding

We have listed some common devices based on our reporting support VoLTE below. Device manufacturers may update device firmware from time to time, which may impact the device’s ability to support VoLTE. Also, handsets purchased overseas may not be compatible. (Check back regularly as we will update this list as more devices become compatible.)



Apple iPhone 11


Apple iPhone 12


Apple iPhone 13


Apple iPhone 14


Apple iPhone 15


Samsung Galaxy S10


Samsung Galaxy S20


Samsung Galaxy S21 5G


Samsung Galaxy S22


Samsung Galaxy S23


Samsung Galaxy S24


Last updated 19/2/2024

If your device is not listed above (including if your device was purchased overseas), please check your device manual or manufacturer’s website to determine whether the device can support VoLTE.

Please note that Belong cannot guarantee the compatibility of devices with VoLTE (Voice over LTE) services on our network. Differences in device specification and network requirements can affect VoLTE functionality on some devices.

How do I turn on VoLTE?

For Apple devices

Check your mobile phone's operating system is updated to the latest iOS version:

  1. Go to ‘Settings

  2. Select ‘General

  3. Scroll to ‘Software Update’ and follow the prompts

Make sure you have the latest carrier build enabled:

  1. Go to ‘Settings

  2. Select ‘General

  3. Select ‘About

  4. Scroll to ‘Service Provider’. If an update is available, you'll see an option to update your Service Provider settings.

If you have a 4G iPhone:

  1. Go to ‘Settings

  2. Select ‘Mobile

  3. Select ‘Mobile Data Options

  4. Select ‘Enable 4G

  5. Select ‘Voice & Data

  6. If available, turn on VoLTE

If you have a 5G iPhone, VoLTE is automatically enabled on your device.

VoLTE will typically be turned on within 4 hours of completing the above steps.

For Android devices

Make sure your mobile phone’s operating system is up to date. Once it’s up-to-date, VoLTE will typically be turned on your device within 4 hours.

How to update your device

For Apple devices

  1. Go to ‘Settings

  2. Select ‘General

  3. Scroll to ‘Software Update’ and follow the prompts

It’s also worth turning on automatic updates. You can do that on the ‘Software Update’ screen.

For Android devices

  1. Open your device's ‘Settings’ app.

  2. Tap ‘System’ and then ‘System update’.

  3. Follow any prompts.

The exact steps can vary depending on who made your device. Check with your phone manufacturer if those steps don’t work for you.

You sent me an SMS. What's this service issue all about?

From January to March this year, some customers had problems with:

  1. Making and receiving calls

  2. Sending SMS over wi-fi connections.

The issue has been fixed

These issues were likely caused by a software update in January that affected your phone’s ability to use VoLTE.

If you’re having problems with calls or SMS

Make sure you have the most recent operating system for your phone.

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