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Belong's MMS mobile settings

MMS allows you to send pictures, videos and audio files to other mobiles just like a text message (SMS).

Your device should automatically be set up for MMS when you insert your activated Belong SIM  into your device, but if it isn’t, simply follow the steps below for either iOS or Android devices.

To set up your MMS settings manually:

iOS devices

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select Mobile

  3. Next, choose Mobile Data Network

  4. Tap APN and enter: telstra.internet

  5. Select Mobile, followed by Settings

  6. Tap the Home Button to return to your home screen

  7. Finally, power off your device and switch it back on.

Android devices

  1. Launch Settings

  2. Select More Settings/ Mobile Data or Mobile Networks

  3. Next, choose Access Point names

  4. Select Add or New APN

  5. Tap Name and enter: Belong MMS

  6. Select APN and enter: telstra.internet

  7. Choose MMSC and enter: MMSC :

  8. Next, select MMS Proxy and enter:

  9. Tap MMS Port and enter: 80

  10. Select MMS Protocol and enter: WAP 2.0

  11. Choose MMC and enter: 505

  12. Tap MNC and enter: 01

  13. Leave Authentication type blank

  14. Tap APN Type and enter: mms

  15. Select Bearer (if displayed) and enter: unspecified

  16. Finally, tap More/ Menu, followed by Save and tap the Home Button to return to your home screen.

  17. To ensure the new MMS settings are completely saved; power off your phone and switch it back on.

Things you should know: When you’ve completed your manual set up send a test message to ensure that everything is working.

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