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Two-step verification

Whenever you log in to your Belong account, we use security measures to make sure it’s really you logging in – and to keep out anyone else who might try to break into your account.

This increased security is important for protecting your account – and it’s also in line with theAustralian Communications and Media Authority standards.

Two-step verification

To keep things really secure, we use ‘two-step verification’ – which is really just a fancy way of saying that every time you go to access your account, we use two different ways to check that everything’s legit.

The first ‘step’ is always your password, and the second step involves access to either your mobile phone or your email address.

That way even if someone somehow gets hold of your password, they’d still need access to your phone or email before they could log in to your account.

Getting set up for two-step verification

If you’re a new Belong customer, the first time you go to log in to your account you’ll be asked to set up two-step verification, by choosing a phone number or email address where we’ll send you a verification code. From then on, we’ll use that phone number or email address to verify you every time you go to log in.

If you’re already a Belong customer, and you aren’t using two-step verification at the moment, at some point over the next couple of months you’ll be asked to set up two-step verification when you log in to Belong.

Verifying you when you log in

Whenever you log in we always use two different steps to verify that you’re you – but there are a few different ways we can do it.

Step 1 – your password

You’ll always need your password to log in to your account.

Step 2 – access to your phone or email

Code sent by text message
Our standard approach is to send a verification code to your mobile phone.

Code sent by email
If there’s an issue with reaching you by mobile, we can send a verification code to your email address instead.

Facial or fingerprint recognition
If your phone has facial recognition or fingerprint recognition set up, you can use that to verify yourself when you’re logging in using the Belong app.

Verifying you when you contact us

We also might need to verify you when you contact us, or when one of our people gets in touch with you to resolve an issue.

In those situations we’ll send you a verification code by text message or email – to make sure it’s really you that’s asking for help with your account.

Lost your phone? Having trouble logging in?

If you use your phone for verification but don’t have it to hand, don’t sweat it – you can
still log in by choosing to get your verification codes by email.

Note that this involves resetting your Belong account password, in order to restart the
verification setup.

Here's how it's done:

  1. Go to the Belong website login screen.

  2. Hit Trouble logging in?

  3. Choose Reset your password.

  4. Enter the email address connected to your Belong account and hit Send reset link.

  5. You’ll be sent a password reset email – open it and click the link to be taken to the password reset screen, then enter your new password.

  6. Log in to my account .

  7. On the two-step verification screen, hit Use email instead.

  8. Check your email for your verification code, enter it on the verification screen, and hit Verify. From now on you’ll get your verification codes sent by email.

If you follow those steps but don’t receive a password reset email, you might not have entered the email address associated with your Belong account. If you’ve got another email account that might be the correct one, it’s worth giving that a try.

Changing your verification contact phone number

Got a new phone number? Here’s how to change where your verification codes get sent:

  1. Log in to my account on the website or use the Belong app.

  2. If necessary, get the verification code sent to your email address and use it to verify your log in.

  3. Tap or hover over the small blue icon top-right of the screen, then choose My profile from the drop-down menu.

  4. Hit ‘Update’ next to your listed contact number, and follow the steps to change your number.

Think your account's been compromised?

Noticed some unusual activity on your Belong account? Are there extra services or charges you didn’t ask for or have your login verification codes stopped arriving?

If you think someone might have got access to your account, it’s important to let us know right away by calling us on . We’ll look into it and help you get it secured.

You should also contact your financial institutions to let them know, and cancel any cards associated with your Belong account.

How do I keep my account safe?

Here are some solid tips for keeping your accounts safe and scammer-free:

  • Change your password frequently.

  • Don’t share your password or verification codes with anyone.

  • Regularly check your accounts for any unusual activity.

  • Make sure your devices and your Belong app are updated to the latest versions.

  • Enable two-step verification on banking apps and websites.

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