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How do I gift my data?

Give your extra gigs to your mates

So you’ve got a little extra data and you’re feeling wholesome. Here’s how to send it along to your mates who are also with Belong:

  1. Log in to my account

  2. Choose Manage mobile/data

  3. Choose Gift data to a friend

Or use the button below, and we’ll take you right there:

Then, enter your mate’s number and how much you’d like to gift, and you’re away.

Data gifting need-to-knows

Before you send a data gift, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You can send data in 1GB increments

  • You can send five data gifts per month

  • You need to have at least 1.3GB in your data bank to send a gift

Both mobile and data services can give and receive data (and gifts don’t have to be to/from the same service type).

What happens when data gets gifted?

Your mate will get a text to let them know, and the data will be theirs to use on whatever internet goodness they like.

The data will work the same way as any other data for that account type. That means mobiles can bank it, and data plans will need to use it before the end of the billing cycle.

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