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How do I make a one-off payment?

Want to stay ahead of your payments? You can pre-pay your next month’s plan fee in advance.

To make a one-off payment:

  1. Log in to my account using your email address and password

  2. Select Manage Internet from the dashboard view.

  3. Navigate to Payment details from the dashboard by selecting View Details

  4. Select Pre-pay next month and choose Pay Now. 

Please note: 

  • You can’t currently make an ad-hoc payment further than one month, nor specify any other amount.

  • If you change your plan to a higher cost option after you make a pre-payment, you’ll be debited the difference between your pre-payment and the full amount in your next payment cycle.

  • If you update your payment method, this will be stored for your next monthly payment. Refer to How do I update my payment details?

  • If you have both a Belong mobile service and a home internet service, your payment method is managed separately for your mobile services, just head back to the My Services view from the top of your account dashboard if you’d like to update your mobile service details as well.

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