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What type of IP address will I get with Belong?

When you sign up for a Belong  nbn service you’ll receive a Dynamic IP address.

As of the 11th August 2021, we no longer offer a static IP address product. Customers who were provided (or purchased) a static IP product prior to the 11th of August 2021 can remain on static IP or remove it by logging in to your account.

What is an IP Address?

IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are used to identify hardware devices on a network. The addresses allow these devices to connect to one another and transfer data on a local network or over the internet. Your internet connection is assigned an IP address – connecting your modem/router to the internet.

There are two main types of IP addresses:

Static IP Address: Where the IP address is a ‘fixed’ value – and can be useful for things like hosting your own web server or email server.

Dynamic IP Address: Where the IP address assigned to your modem or router from Belong will periodically change from time to time. You generally won’t even notice this – it doesn’t affect most things you do like web browsing, gaming, streaming. Most services that used to require a static IP address like security cameras or smart home devices offer services that sync up with a dynamic IP address.

Note: If you’re currently on a Static IP address and move to a new home or remove it via your online account, you won’t be able to return to a static IP address. Instead, a Dynamic IP address will be issued to your service. 

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