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Setup a Belong 4353 modem for FTTN/B

Belong 4353 modem Support

Check out the FTTN/B modem set up guide (PDF | 844 KB).

How to set up your modem

Step A

You’ll need power to get started. Plug the power adapter into your modem’s 'DC-IN' port and the other end into a wall power point and turn on the power at the wall.

Step B

Plug one end of the grey 'DSL' (telephone) cable into your modem’s 'DSL' port.

  • nbn services: plug the other end into your wall phone socket.

  • ADSL services: plug the other end into your ADSL filter’s 'ADSL' socket.

Step C

Turn your modem’s power on – the 'Power' light will turn solid green. Wait for the 'SYNC', 'wi-fiI' and 'Internet' lights to turn solid green.

Using wi-fi

Make sure your device is wi-fi enabled and turned on. Search for the 'Wi-Fi name' printed on your 'wi-fi details card' and enter the password when prompted. Your modem’s wi-fi light will turn green when wi-fi is enabled. Use the 'wi-fi' button on the back of your modem to turn your wi-fi on and off (press for one second to turn on or press and hold for five seconds to turn off).

Using a LAN cable

(Optional) If your device has a 'LAN' port, plug one end of the yellow 'LAN' cable into it and plug the other end into any of the yellow 'LAN' ports. The 'LAN' light will light up once the 'LAN' cable is connected to both the modem and your device.

Where to position your modem

The best location for your modem is visible on a high surface, away from:

  • dense objects like fridges, filing cabinets, brick walls and mirrors

  • bodies of water like fish tanks or a hot water service

  • devices that interfere with wi-fi signals like microwaves, cordless telephones, baby monitors, car door remotes or a neighbour’s modem.

Still having trouble?

  • Unplug all devices that are connected to the phone sockets in your home including telephones, modems and fax machines.

  • Try turning your modem off for 2 minutes, then on again.

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