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School Student Broadband Initiative FAQs

The School Student Broadband Initiative (SSBI) is an Australian Government program giving eligible families nbn® access at no cost until 31 December 2025.

We’ve answered some common questions about the initiative below. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, or want info about the initiative in general, head over to the Australian Government website .

What is the SSBI?   

The SSBI is an Australian Government initiative to deliver home broadband services over the nbn® network at no cost until 31 December 2025. It’s open to up to 30,000 eligible families with school-aged students who don’t currently have an nbn connection. 

How does the SSBI work? 

The SSBI is funded by the Australian Government. They’ve partnered with organisations (like participating schools, education authorities and charities/community organisations) to identify and nominate eligible families. Those families will receive an nbn connection at no cost until 31 December 2025.

Who can access the SSBI?    

The SSBI has been set up to help families with school-aged children who don’t have internet access at home.

If you have a child currently at school and you don’t have an active nbn service at home, get in touch with the National Referral Centre . They’re here to help families find out if they’re eligible for the SSBI.

You can also access the SSBI through nominating organisations selected by the Australian Government. Nominating organisations will identify families and support them through eligibility, registration, and order process.

Which organisations can refer people to the SSBI?  

The Australian Government chooses which organisations can nominate people to the SSBI. You can check who’s currently involved .

How will nominated families get access to Belong nbn? 

nbn co will provide each eligible family with a unique voucher code to redeem with us. 

What’s the eligibility period for the SSBI? 

Currently, the initiative will close on 31 December 2024, or once the 30,000 places have been distributed.

What plan is Belong offering as part of the SSBI?  

We’re offering our Standard Plus plan at no cost for until 31 December 2025. It comes with:   

  • unlimited data  

  • typical download speeds of 50Mbps and typical upload speeds of 17Mbps between 7pm and 11 pm  

  • a Belong modem so eligible families can access the internet across multiple devices.  

Note: actual speeds may be lower and will be confirmed post-connection for FTTN/B/C connections. Find out more about nbn speeds (PDF | 180 KB) .

What happens after the 31 December 2025?

Before the end of the SSBI initiative, we’ll contact the customers and discuss their options moving forward. 

We won’t charge participating families at any point during the program. If a family wants to stay with Belong after the 31 December 2025, we’ll arrange that with them.

I’m already a Belong customer, can I join the SSBI? 

The SSBI was set up to give free internet at no cost to school children who do not have an internet service at home. To access the SSBI, you can apply for an SSBI voucher code through the National Referral Centre . You can also be identified and referred by a nominating organisation to the nbn co – mostly schools and charities.

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