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Maximum attainable speeds FAQs

Have some questions about your nbn speeds, network tests and your maximum attainable
speed (MAS)? We have some answers.

What does ‘maximum attainable speed’ (MAS) mean?

Your MAS is the highest possible broadband speed you can get on your nbn® connection. It covers both your upload and download speeds. The MAS of your connection depends on the nbn technology at your property. It’s not set by your internet provider.

MAS doesn’t measure the speeds you’ll typically see, either. Your download and upload
speeds in day-to-day use will usually be slower than maximum speeds. They’re affected by a range of things, including the speeds of your internet plan, the performance of your modem’s wi-fi network, and the infrastructure nbn use to connect your home to the network.

See our nbn Speeds Explained (PDF | 180 KB) guide for more information.

When does Belong test the maximum attainable speed of a connection?

We test the MAS of your connection when you start using your nbn plan (only for fibre to
the basement/node/curb). That’s usually when you plug in your modem.

We also test your MAS when you upgrade to a faster plan or move house.

We check your MAS to make sure you’re getting the max speeds available for your plan.

What happens if my maximum attainable speed is lower than the max speed of my plan?

If your connection doesn’t support the speeds of your nbn plan, we’ll send you an email
letting you know. From there, you can choose to:

  1. Stay on your current plan.

  2. Move to a plan with lower speeds (if available).

  3. Cancel your plan without further cost.

If you choose to change or cancel your plan within 60 days of us notifying you that your
connection doesn’t support the speeds of your plan, you might be eligible for a refund
covering the period you couldn’t get the maximum speeds of your previous plan.

If you change plans, your refund will be credited to your Belong account (and you can call
us to have the amount returned to your bank account). If you cancel your plan, the refund
will be returned to your bank account.

What kind of internet speeds do I need?

The download and upload speeds that are best for you will depend on how you use the
internet. This fact sheet (PDF | 86 KB) has a helpful table explaining different speeds and what they’re great for – check that out for more info.

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