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What’s your phone plan style?

Published 28 May 2024

Different humans, different plans.

Take one look at my mum’s phone use (leaving voicemails) and compare it to mine (aggressively avoiding phone calls), and you’ll know not everyone needs the same phone plan.

So we’ve made a quick guide to what we think you need to look out for in a phone plan, depending on the kind of phone user you are.

📺 I watch videos and TV shows on the go

To stream shows while you’re commuting (or bribe your kids with them on car rides), we’d go for a mobile plan with around 20GB a month and at least 100 Mbps download speeds.

🎢 My data usage is unpredictable

Get a plan that offers data banking, so you can save your unused data one month and use it the next.

🎮 Online games are my jam

If you play online games on your phone, then it’s data and speed you need – although probably not as much as you think. We’d say 25GB a month should do the trick (unless you game out of wi-fi a lot), and download speeds of at least 100 Mbps.

📞 I don’t use data much, I just like to call and text

Good news: most plans offer unlimited standard calls and texts in Australia these days. So, a low-data, low-cost plan will probably suit you.

🌏 I’ve got relatives overseas

Check if your plan offers international calls to the countries you need – or if you can get them as an add-on.

✈️ I’m a jetsetter

Make sure the telco offers an International Roaming add-on for the places you travel, so you can use your phone as normal when you land.

✂️ I like to change plans as I need

Go for a month-to-month plan, instead of a lock-in contract.

🏡 I look after the family’s phone plans

Get a plan that offers perks for multiple accounts. Think referral credit for signing each member up, and data gifting for sending data between accounts.

📍 I live in a remote area

Check the telco’s coverage map before you sign up to make sure you’ll get reception when you live.

🤝 I sometimes need help with my phone plan

Make sure the telco has support options to suit you – whether that’s an FAQ section, chat or phone support.

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