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What kind of data-gifting parent are you?

Published 4 October 2023

If your parenting style involves using every tool at your disposal, it’s time to add one of the 21st century’s most coveted currencies: data.

A Belong mobile account lets you gift your data to another Belong mobile customer up to 5 times a month. Sure, you could use it as a cute little extra bonus for birthdays and fridge-worthy maths tests, but I say that lacks imagination.

The many possible uses for data gifts are as varied as your personal parenting style. So, let’s see how you can use yours.

📈 The investor

You may have data to give, but damned if you're giving it away now. Your data trust fund baby can have it when they're old enough to use it (semi) wisely.

🧮 The payroll officer

Your data gifts are a series of checks and balances, perfectly aligned with the outputs of your employees/children.

🤪 The freewheeler

You throw data at them like you throw snacks and cash for a Golden Gaytime at the servo. You go for lunch, do some life admin, become their hero, and deal with the crash later.

🎭 The puppeteer

With great data comes great power. You know this, and you dish out data gifts to pit your kids against each other, cackling maniacally as they compete for your affection and TikTok time (probably not in that order).

😤 The punisher

Your kids aren't surprised to wake up to 0GB in their data bank to go with the bedroom they’ve been promising to clean for three weeks. (Yep – if the service is in your name, you control the data bank too.)

🕊 The altruist

You use data gifting to teach the value of sharing. Your kids who use less data gift it to the ones who use more, and you live in a house made of cookies and smiles.

🤝 The compromiser

You know that 4GB from you means one hour of YouTube for them. More importantly, you know they know – and you're not afraid to use it to get what you want.

Down the wormhole

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Already a Belong customer? Know someone who’s not? Sounds like a match made in $20-credit-for-everyone heaven.  

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