Introduce your friends to Belong

Know someone who needs some Belong in their life? Refer a friend to us and you could both get a little something out of it.

Ready to spread the Belong love? When someone uses your invite code to sign up for a mobile or internet service at Belong, you could both get a $20 credit – and you can earn up to a maximum of $200 credit.

How to introduce your friends to Belong

  1. Log in to your Belong account.
  2. Click on the button under ‘Introduce a friend’.
  3. Hit the 'Tell a friend' button.
  4. Choose friends to share your invite code with.

Limits on introductions

Your invite code only works for the type of service you have
Your invite code is tied to your mobile or internet service – so it’ll only work if your friend joins up for the same kind of service. (So if you’re a mobile customer, your code won’t work for a friend signing up for internet.)

New customers only
You can’t introduce a friend who’s already a Belong customer.

Invite code not working?

Here are some reasons your invite might have hit a snag:
  • Your friend is already with Belong.
  • Your friend signed up for a different kind of service (mobile or internet) than the one you have with Belong.
  • Your friend didn’t enter their invite code correctly. (Pro tip: is that ‘O’ really a zero?)
  • Your friend stopped being a Belong customer before you could get your credit. (This can also happen if they’ve got an unpaid bill with Belong.)
If those reasons don’t apply and your invite code still won’t work for your friend, send us a message to let us know.