How does 'introduce a friend' work?

Welcome to Belong.

Want to introduce a friend?

What's in it for you?

First, you can introduce as many friends as you like.

Each one of them will get a $20 credit for every new service (brand new or transferred over) they use the invite code to sign up with.

There's a catch – If you're a mobile customer, your invite code will only work for customers connecting to Belong mobile. If you're an internet customer, your invite code will only work for customers connecting to Belong internet.

For your efforts, you'll receive a $20 credit for your next bill- our way of saying thanks.

Secondly, we'll continue to credit your account with $20 for every friend that connects a new service to Belong, up to a maximum of $200.

GOOD TO KNOW: You'll only receive a credit on your next bill if your friend connects using the invite code you give them.

Find your invite code

When you joined up, you received a unique Introduce a friend invite code. It's a nine-digit, alpha-numerical code.

To find your unique code:

  1. Open up your Belong app or sign in to your Belong account
  2. Scroll down to Introduce a Friend
  3. Click Get Your Invite Code. You will then see your code displayed.

QUICK NOTE: If you're a Belong Internet customer and want to find your invite code, it can found via your dashboard. Simply log in to your Belong account, clickManage Broadband, followed by See Offers, which you’ll find located under Offers. You will then see your code displayed.

To share your invite code, copy the invite code and share it via email, SMS, WhatsApp or any other messaging app you use.

How to use the invite code

When you're signing up for a new Belong service, enter the unique invite code when prompted into the invite code field.

If you've entered a valid invite code, a credit will be applied to your next statement.

If the invite code your friend gave you isn't working

There could be a few reasons your Introduce a Friend invite code isn't working:

  • If you’ve already got a Belong service (Mobile or internet), you can’t use the invite code for the second service. This promotion is only valid for new customers looking to join Belong.
  • You've entered the invite code incorrectly (it happens!); double-check and try again (tip: is it an 'O' or a zero?)
  • Your friend is no longer a Belong customer – unfortunately, your friend needs to be an active Belong customer for you to receive your credit.
  • Your friend's service is in credit management (they haven't paid their bill – again, your friend needs to be an active customer for you to receive your credit)
  • Try typing it in CAPS. We've had feedback from other customers to say this works sometimes.
  • There may be something wrong at our end, and we're genuinely sorry about this. If that's the case, reach out to us by messaging us. Someone from our team will get back to you, usually within 48 hours.

GOOD TO KNOW: To help us attend to your query as soon as possible, please send us a message via the Contact Support button below and select Get Connected. Be sure to include your mobile number and Introduce a Friend invite code.