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Champagne quality at sparkling telco prices

Your network is better than ever. Here’s how. 

Our 5G network can handle a crowd

Mobile networks can get overwhelmed when a whole mess of people connect to one tower. 5G can handle more action than 4G, leading to a smoother time for you. All our in-market plans have access to 5G (speed caps apply), giving your 5G-compatible phone options when you’re out and about. 

We use parts of Telstra’s 4G and 5G mobile network, reaching more than 98.8% of the Australian population. 5G coverage is rolling out now and currently reaches at least 75% of the population (compatible device required). Check our coverage map

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More Belong 4G in more places 

Ever avoided using your phone somewhere because you thought the reception would be a bit iffy? Our 4G network is expanding so it gets into more nooks and crannies than ever before. Whip your phone out and start exploring. 

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Clearer calls with 4G and wi-fi 

Sometimes, you just want to use your phone to make a call. Weird, right? Now, thanks to some upgrades, you can get clearer calls more often.

  • VoLTE (Voice over LTE) lets you make calls over the 4G network. You’ll need to find out if it’s built-in to your phone, or if it needs to be turned on manually. 

  • Wi-fi calling lets you use a suitable wi-fi network to make calls: helpful when the mobile coverage in your location isn’t as crisp as you’d like. 

Check out our SIM-only plans with no lock-in contracts.

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The speeds you needs

All our plans come with lickety-split download speeds. You get to decide how quick is quick enough for you.  

Most of our mobile and data plans are capped 150 Mbps for downloads. That’s great for most things people use their phones for. For context, watching Netflix or YouTube in high def takes 5 Mbps. 

If you want a higher speed cap, our $55 mobile plan and $70 data plan have you covered. They have a 250 Mbps speed cap. You might want that if you’re doing things like downloading massive files or gaming on the go. 

The speed cap on your plan sets your maximum potential download speed. The speeds you see in day-to-day use will vary based on a lot of things (like your location, device and how many people are using the network near you).