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How do I use wi-fi calling on my mobile phone?

What is wi-fi calling?

Wi-fi calling lets you make and receive phone calls over a wi-fi connection.

It’s useful if you’re overseas and need to call Australia, if your mobile coverage is a bit shaky indoors or if you need to stay connected during a mobile outage.

You can only use it to call Australian numbers, though.

What’s special about wi-fi calling?

Wi-fi calling helps you stay connected when you:

  • are in an area with no or limited mobile coverage,

  • want to extend your coverage indoors,

  • need to stay connected if there's a mobile network outage, or

  • are travelling overseas and want to call someone in Australia.

You just need a suitable wi-fi network.

How do I use wi-fi calling?

  1. Make sure your device can use .

  2. Connect to a wi-fi network.

  3. You might need to turn on wi-fi calling in your phone’s settings (but it should be on by default).

That’s it. You can start making and receiving calls like normal.

How do I know if my phone can use wi-fi calling?

You’ll need a 4G mobile phone that’s compatible with wi-fi calling.

You’ll also need a stable wi-fi connection and to have voice over LTE (VoLTE) turned on.

If you are unsure if your device is compatible, visit your phone’s manufacturer's website and check the tech specs for your handset.

Does wi-fi calling work with no mobile reception or when aeroplane mode is turned on?

Yup. If you’re connected to wi-fi, you’re good to go.

What do I do if wi-fi calling isn’t working?

  • Restart your device

  • Restart the wi-fi router

  • Toggle airplane mode off and on

  • Remove and re-insert your SIM Card

  • Try a different wi-fi network (some networks have settings that stop wi-fi calling)

  • Reset your network settings

Will I be charged extra for this?

There’s no extra charge to use wi-fi calling.

Can I use wi-fi calling when I’m overseas?

Yup. As long as you’re connected to a suitable wi-fi network while overseas, you can make and receive voice calls to and from Australia.

If you lose connection to the wi-fi network while on the call, the call will drop out.

Can I call an overseas phone number from Australia?

No, you can’t use wi-fi calling to dial international numbers.

If you want to call international numbers from Australia, you'll need to be connected to our mobile network and have the International Calls add-on pack ($5 per month).

Will I be able to make calls in areas with no mobile coverage?

Yup. If you have a suitable wi-fi connection and a compatible device, you will be able to make wi-fi calls in areas with no mobile coverage.

What happens if I move out of wi-fi coverage while on a call?

If you're on the 4G network, your call will seamlessly move between wi-fi and the 4G/5G networks.

If there's no mobile network connection available, your call will drop out when you leave wi-fi coverage.

If you’re overseas, the wi-fi call will drop out if you move out of wi-fi coverage.  

When will wi-fi calling be used instead of our mobile network?

Your device will automatically select the strongest connection to make the call.

How do I know if I’m on a wi-fi call?

It depends on your phone. You might see an icon at the top of your phone (it looks like a phone with a wi-fi symbol next to it). Some phones just say ‘wi-fi calling’ across the top of their screen.

Can I still call 000?

Yes, calls to 000 will work as normal while you’re in Australia.

Is wi-fi calling secure?

Yes, wi-fi calls are protected by the same secure industry standards as other mobile calls.

Does voicemail work using wi-fi calling?

Yes, your calling features such as Voicemail will still work as normal.

Can I make a wi-fi call using a mobile hot spot?

Yes, wi-fi calling works with mobile wi-fi hot spots.

Can I use wi-fi calling for all my calls, all the time?

When connected to wi-fi, your device will default to the strongest connection to make the call.

This may be a mobile network or the wi-fi network.

Why can I use wi-fi calling at home but not when using another wi-fi network?

If you can use wi-fi calling on your network but not on someone else’s, it may be because:

  • Their internet service provider isn’t compatible with wi-fi calling.

  • Their firewall settings are blocking wi-fi calling.

  • It’s a public wi-fi hotspot and it’s not set up to allow wi-fi calling.

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