What happens when I use up my data allowance for my Belong mobile service?

What happens when I go over my data allowance?

When you've used up your data allowance, we won't charge you extra. Your data speeds will be simply slowed to a maximum of 64 kbps and you can continue using it.

How to top up your data
For a once-off top up:

1. Sign in to your Belong account with your email address and password or via the app
2. Select the option to purchase a once-off data top up and follow the prompts.

You can also click on the Top Up Data button below where you'll be asked to sign-in before you can top up.

If you're on a regular plan

If you’re on our Regular plan and are consistently running low on your data allowance you may want to consider changing to our Large plan.

Upgrade your plan:

1. Sign in to your Belong account with your email address and password or via the app
2. Go to the Manage section of either your app or account and follow the prompts.

Get a data gift

Have a friend with a Belong mobile service? Ask them to make a data gift to your mobile number.
If you’ve used up your allowance and your data speeds have been slowed, your service will return to your regular speed once you top up or your data allowance is increased by receiving a data gift. Otherwise, you'll simply receive your full monthly data allowance, and normal data speeds will resume, at the beginning of your next payment cycle.