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Changes to our $10 mobile plan

What’s changing?

In March 2021 we stopped selling our $10 mobile plan to new customers and will now be retiring the $10 plan for good. We will be moving anyone still on it over to our $15 plan over time. This plan comes with 5 GB of data a month – which is only available to our existing customers.

New plan and data - $15 Mobile Plan 5 GB/month

Current plan and data - $10 Mobile Plan 1 GB/month

Where can I find out more about the $15 plan?

Check out the .

Why was this change made?

Over the years we’ve accumulated a whole range of different mobile plans.

We’ve had a good look at how to simplify our plans, and we’ve tried to strike a balance by having a few different options that are inexpensive but still give people plenty of data to play with. Unfortunately, that means we’re saying goodbye to our $10 mobile plan.

How will I know the date of my plan change?

You will receive an email from us, ahead of your plan change giving you enough notice. We will be moving customers at different times and letting them know via email. So, it’s important to make sure your contact email address in your account is up to date. Read our support article for more help. .

How does this change affect my service?

Your monthly plan cost will change to $15, and your data allowance will increase to 5 GB. Everything else stays the same, including any international calls and text or data top-ups you might have applied.

What if I don’t want to move to the $15 mobile plan?

If the plan no longer suits your needs, you can cancel your service using the Belong app or change to another plan.

Why am I being changed to the $15 plan, but my friend/partner’s $10 plan isn’t?

We will be retiring the $10 plan for good and moving customers at different times, so if you haven't received a message from us yet you will be notified in due time and provided enough notice before your change happens.

When does my plan change?

Once your plan switches from the $10 plan to the $15 plan, you will receive a text when it's completed. Your plan cost will change from the date listed in your email or text.

Can I change to the $15 5 GB plan earlier?

Yes, to change your Belong mobile plan, log in to your Belong account and select 'Manage'. From there, simply pick the $15 5 GB plan. You can change plans once per monthly payment cycle.

What happens to my bill?

Your service will be switched over to the new plan on the date listed on your email or text – and from that date onward you’ll automatically be billed $15 per month. We’ll send you a text once it’s been completed.

Can I move to a different plan after the rate plan has changed to $15?

You will have to wait until your next payment cycle to be able to change plans again.

More questions?

If you have any questions at all, .

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