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Troubleshooting an FTTP nbn internet connection

This page contains useful troubleshooting tips if you are having issues connecting to the internet with an nbn™ FTTP service. If you’re unsure of your technology type, you can check here.

Try our online troubleshooting tool:

  1. Log in to your Belong account using your email address and password

  2. Select Manage internet

  3. Scroll down to Manage your service

  4. Select Troubleshoot your nbn and follow the prompts.

Check for an outage in your area

To find out if planned maintenance or an outage is affecting your nbn™ service, use the nbn network outages checker.

Check your cables

Locate your indoor nbn™ Network Connection Box and modem and ensure that they’re connected properly.  Make sure all the cables are in good condition and plugged in properly, without any kinks or any damage. Check all cables between your nbn connection box and your modem/router are plugged in correctly – check out How do I set up my modem for the nbn?

Reset your nbn™ Connection Box and modem

To reset your nbn™ connection Box:

  1. First, turn off the power to your connection box by unplugging it from the wall power outlet

  2. Next, remove the power cable from your connection box and wait 2 minutes.

  3. Reconnect the cable and turn the power back on.

  4. After about 1-2 minutes, you should see some lights:

    • Power - Solid green 

    • Optical - Solid or flashing green 

    • Alarm - Off or solid green 

    • Uni-D - Off, amber, or green

A wi-fi issue

Try connecting directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable. If this works, it may indicate a wi-fi issue, see our wi-fi speed and connection issues for more help and advice.

Try another browser

Close your internet browser entirely and open a new one as sometimes the program you are using to access the internet has encountered an error.

If you’re using wi-fi, try disconnecting from the network and then reconnecting. This should re-establish your connection to the modem.

If these steps don’t help, call us on .

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