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Troubleshooting an FTTC nbn internet connection

This page contains useful troubleshooting tips if you are having issues connecting to the Internet with an nbn™ FTTC service.

If you’re unsure of your technology type, you can check here.

Try our online troubleshooting tool:

  1. Log in to your Belong account using your email address and password

  2. Select Manage internet

  3. Scroll down to Manage your service

  4. Select Troubleshoot your nbn and follow the prompts.

Otherwise you can follow the steps below:

  1. Follow the Belong nbn™ FTTC setup guide (for customers using a Belong DWA0122 modem, follow these set-up instructions)

  2. Check for an outage in your area:

    Currently, our outage checker is unavailable due to maintenance. In the meantime, we suggest using the options below to check for any network disruptions that may be affecting your service.

    nbn™ service - to find out if planned maintenance or an outage is affecting your nbn™ service, use the nbn network outages checker.

  3. Connect your computer directly to your Belong supplied wireless modem using an Ethernet cable to eliminate wireless networking problems.

  4. Restart your Belong modem.

If your connection is working correctly, the nbn™ Network Connection Device (NCD) should have the following status on the lights:

All four lights on the front of an FTTC Network Connection Device on, and blue

Power light

This will be solid blue when the nbn™ connection device is powered on.

What to do if the Power Light is off:

  • Check power connections. Is the power lead plugged in firmly at both ends?

  • If you plugged the power lead into a power strip, make sure the strip is plugged in and switched on.

  • Avoid using outlets controlled by wall switches or timers.

  • Check the outlet by plugging in another device (such as a lamp)

Connection light

This will be solid blue when the NCD is powering the nbn™ access network equipment outside your home. If the light is blue, it shows the connection is working correctly.

If the light is red:

  • you’ll need technical help and need to call us on .

If the light is blinking:

  • there’s a problem, and you’ll need to contact support.

Broadband light

This will be solid blue when the NCD is communicating with the nbn™ network.

If the light is blinking:

  • the device is being updated or being synchronised through the network. This may take 20 minutes.

If the Broadband Light and LAN light are both off:

  • Unplug the NCD from the power point, wait for approximately 1 minute and then plug the device back into the power point.

Local area network light (LAN)

This will be solid blue or amber when the NCD and your modem are connected. It will blink when information is being sent between the modem and NCD.

If you're still unable to connect to the internet, try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Check that the power cord running to the NCD and modem is firmly plugged in at both ends, and the power is on.

  • Try resetting the NCD by holding the RESET button for 1-2 seconds.

  • Check that the telephone cable running from the NCD to the wall is secure and not pinched, kinked or bent (this can cause a break or short in the cable)

  • The location of your modem is important. Ensure it’s not locked away in a cupboard, hidden behind a TV or kept it in an internal room. The modem should be located in a central area away from solid walls.

  • Check our wi-fi Connection Issues guide.

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