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How do I troubleshoot my internet service?

If you’re having trouble with your nbn® internet service, here are a few things you can check. 

Check for an outage 

First things first: see if there’s an outage near you. You can do that by:

  1. Downloading our Belong app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and check via 'My Services'.

  2. Or logging in to your account on our website and check via 'My Services'.

Our troubleshooting tool 

Our nbn troubleshooting tool will run some tests to see if we can find a problem with your service. Then it’ll walk you through some quick things you can do to solve that problem. 

How to start troubleshooting

  1. Log into your Belong account.

  2. Choose ‘Manage internet’.

  3. Scroll down to ‘Manage your service’.

  4. Choose Troubleshoot your nbn. 

  5. Follow the prompts. 

First, we’ll run a quick test of your nbn connection to see if our tool can spot any problems.   

From there, the tool will guide you through some things you can check and do to sort out any connection issues. Every step has instructions and images to follow along with. 

If you still need help with your internet service after using the troubleshooting tool, call us on from 8am to 8pm and we’ll help you out.  

We’ll have all your troubleshooting results in our system, so you won’t have to do them all again. 

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Still need help? Let’s talk

Call us on or go to the “Let’s chat” button at the bottom of your screen between 8am and 8pm (AEST), 7 days a week.