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Providing proof of occupancy documents

Why we ask for them, and what you need to send

Sometimes when you move into a new place, the nbn® connection is still under someone else’s name – usually because they’ve forgotten to disconnect it.

If this happens, we need to make sure you’re moving in before we can make any changes to the existing connection.

We might also ask for proof of occupancy documents if we’re investigating connectivity issues with your nbn service.

What documents can I provide?

Your proof of occupancy documents must show your full name, service address and the date you moved into the property.

This could be:

  • Lease showing commencement date

  • Rental Agreement showing commencement date

  • Contract of Sale showing settlement date

  • A utility bill with your name and connection address on it

  • Rates notice with your name and address showing

  • Statutory declaration from the property owner and the rent receipt from the new occupant

  • Letter from the real estate agent and the rent receipt from the new occupant

  • Letter from the real estate agent and the bond payment receipt

Statutory declarations must be signed by an appropriate witness, like a Justice of the Peace, police officer, pharmacist, or medical practitioner. 

Documents we don’t accept

Not all documents (even if they show an address) can be used for proof of occupancy. These include:

  • Drivers’ licences, Proof of Age cards and Passports

  • Non-utility bills (bank statements, phone bills)

  • Photos of the location

  • Centrelink documents, Health Care cards and Concession cards

How we use your documents

We’ll only keep your documents for as long as it takes to resolve the issue. After that, we delete them. If you’re having connectivity issues, we may also provide them to nbn co.

What happens next

Once we receive your documents, we’ll verify the information and finalise your connection.

If we’ve asked for proof of occupancy documents and there’s something you’re unsure about, please get in touch. Use the ‘Let’s chat’ box in the bottom-right corner, or the number at the bottom of the page. You can also reply to the proof of occupancy email we sent you.

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