Mobile data gifting

Belong mobile SIM only plans are all about generous data limits and giving you options about when and how to use your data. We give you lots of data to get you going, big monthly data limits and unlimited data banking so you can rollover any data you don't use at the end of the month. All you need to do to bank your data is pay for your mobile service on time each month.

If you find yourself storing a wealth of data you can't imagine consuming, it doesn't have to go to waste.

The solution is data gifting. You can give your unused Belong mobile data to other Belong mobile users.

If your mates run out of data and they're on Belong mobile too, you can gift them data out of your data bank. We don't charge anything extra if you want to gift your data.

Who can I gift data to?

You can gift data to any active Belong mobile customer. Both you and your mate will be notified when the data gift is successful. And your mate will be told who gifted them data (so they know who to thank).

How does mobile data gifting work?

See the example below for how data gifting can work in an everyday household.

How data gifting works

If I've received a data gift, will that data be banked?

Yes, any data you receive will be added to your data bank, available for use, as long as you continue to pay for your mobile service on time. Give it a go now – click the button below!

How to gift data to another Belong mobile customer (it's easy!)

  1. Download the Belong app from the App Store or Google Play store.
  2. Click 'Gift Data' and 'Choose a new contact' then follow the prompts. You'll be notified when gifting is in progress.
  3. Your lucky mate will be told you've gifted data by SMS and an in-app message.

It's that simple. Ready to join?

With all our plans you will get:

Month-to-month contracts

We won't tie you down but we think you'll want to stick around.

Bank or gift your unused data

Hang on to your spare data or gift it to your mates on Belong.

Cheap data top ups

If you do need a little extra, it's just $10 for 5GB of data.

Get a free SIM

We'll post your SIM (also for free) within 2- 4 days.