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International roaming terms

International Roaming Services 

The following information refers to the International Roaming travel pack.

What is our International Roaming Service?

Belong’s International Roaming pack allows you to use your compatible device to make/receive calls, use data services and send/receive SMS and/or MMS overseas with an eligible mobile plan.


To add an International Roaming pack, you must have an eligible service and not have an overdue bill. Belong mobile plans are eligible to add an International Roaming pack. Belong data plans are not eligible.

International Roaming pack can only be used for the attached eligible service & cannot be transferred between services.






Once off payment

You will be charged for International Roaming at the time of purchase. There are no excess charges or pay-as-you go charges.

Once you purchase an International Roaming Pack, you can access your invoice in your Belong account. A new invoice will be available for each pack you purchase

Pack Duration 

15 Days, or, until subsequent pack activated 

The 15-day allowance will start from when pack is activated.  All packs expire at midnight AEST. For example if you activate at 3pm AEST, the pack will expire at midnight 15 days later.  



Data usage is measured in 1kb increments. Data gifting and banking is not available for international roaming.  Once your data balance reaches 0, you will not be able to use data while roaming 


150 Mins  

Standard calls to and from a standard number in Australia, to and from other destinations listed in the pack while in an eligible destination. Premium numbers are not included.  

A standard number refers to local or international fixed-line and mobile numbers. Premium numbers include competition numbers, TV voting numbers, 1900 numbers, 1234, 12455 and other high charge numbers. Your service may be disconnected if you call premium numbers. 

Inbound and outbound calls both count towards balance. 

Your call balance is deducted in per minute increments. 


Unlimited standard SMS  

Unlimited Standard SMS subject to our acceptable use policy, to and from Australia. Premium numbers not included MMS’s require data to be sent 


You can manage your usage with the usage meter in your Belong account 

You will also receive SMS alerts at 50%, 85% and 100% of your usage of calls and data. Notifications are subject to delays of up to 48 hours.  


Travel pack can expire 3 ways:  
- When another pack is added 
- When the 15 days is completed 
- An unused pack will expire after 365 days 

If you choose to add another roaming pack, any existing active pack will expire immediately. If you choose not to add another pack, your pack will expire after 15 Days. Once you have used you allocation of data / calls, you will be unable to use that feature unless you add another pack. An International Roaming pack that has not been activated will expire after 365 days. 


Voicemail and Message2Txt is available with an active pack 

Accessing voicemail services will deduct minutes from your call balance.  

Additional packs 

You may purchase an additional pack if 

- there is an active pack on your account, or 
- your previous pack has expired 

If you purchase an additional pack while you have an active pack, you will forfeit any remaining inclusions and your balances will reset. 


International Roaming is not available in all destinations. All International Roaming packs are subject to network availability. Included destinations can be found on our . Belong reserves the right to remove any destination from this pack at any time.

How to purchase an International Roaming Pack

To add an International Roaming pack:

Login to your Belong account > select an eligible mobile service > select manage mobile > select International Roaming > select set up roaming > follow the purchase prompts.

How to cancel your International Roaming Pack

Subject to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, you cannot cancel an International Roaming Pack that you have already activated.

If the eligible service is disconnected or ported out, the pack will be forfeited.

Acceptable Use Policy

Belong’s Acceptable Use Policy applies to our International Roaming packs. Belong reserves the right to disconnect your mobile service that is not compliant with our acceptable use policy.  

Refund Policy

Subject to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, refunds not available for change of mind. Contact Belong on 1300 235 664 for refund queries.