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How we're offsetting our emissions

We measured the total carbon generated by how our business is run, and how our products are sold and used. We then invest in Australian renewable energy projects and other United Nations certified projects that remove an equivalent amount of carbon from the atmosphere. These may be existing projects such as Telstra’s own Murra Warra Wind Farm in Victoria and Emerald Solar Park in Queensland, or new ones that we’re helping get off the ground.

Both the way we measure our carbon footprint and the projects we invest in must meet strict criteria set by Climate Active. Underpinned by government, Climate Active is Australia's most rigorous and credible carbon neutral initiative.

We’re doing this without passing on any cost to you, because carbon neutrality should not come at a premium.

Saving the place where we belong

We've calculated our carbon emissions and invested in carbon offset projects that will remove the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere, bringing us to neutral.

Watch how we offset emissions
Square-shaped chunks of air pollution above a grassy outback landscape at sunrise.

Why we've gone carbon neutral

Our carbon neutral strategy draws upon the wisdom of First Peoples’ connection with Country, which has continued for over 65,000 years in Australia. This wisdom is critical to addressing the global threat posed by climate change.

The role of telco in climate change

Telecommunications and IT services connect people and businesses in ways that reduce carbon emissions. This can be from many sources such as removing the need for transport by shopping online or using video conferencing.

That said, telcos and IT companies are still responsible for a lot of carbon emissions (in absolute terms). That’s why it’s so important to reduce our emissions and to invest in renewable energy projects in Australia.

No internet on a dead planet

Mobile networks in Australia are estimated to create more than half a million tonnes of CO2 every year. Your estimated portion, the CO2 created by your mobile network data usage, is your Carbon Thumbprint.

Calculate the estimated environmental impact of your mobile data use by using the Carbon Thumbprint app.

Check your carbon thumbprint
The Carbon Thumbprint app on a mobile screen