Mobile data banking

Belong mobile SIM only plans come with unlimited mobile data banking so you can keep your unused data each month. You don't lose data that you don't use! All you need to do is pay for your mobile service on time each month and any unused data will automatically be added to your data bank.

Unlimited data banking is a standard feature on all of Belong's mobile plans so you can stream videos, browse the net or get social on your mobile without worrying about running out of data. And, we don't charge anything extra for banking your data, it's yours to keep.

How does data banking work?

Let's say your mobile plan gets 40GB of data each month. You start your first month with 40GB but at the end of the month you find you've only used 10GB. Instead of losing the remaining 30GB of mobile data, it will rollover to the next month (or get ‘banked' into your account for later when you need it).

How data banking works

You now have a total of 70GB of data (40GB for this month + 30GB rollover data from last month).

If you find you accumulate more data than you can use, it doesn't have to go to waste. You can also give a data gift to other Belong mobile users. If your mates run out of data and they're on Belong mobile, you can gift them data out of your data bank.

It's that simple. Ready to join?

With all our plans you will get:

Month-to-month contracts

We won't tie you down but we think you'll want to stick around.

Bank or gift your unused data

Hang on to your spare data or gift it to your mates on Belong.

Cheap data top ups

If you do need a little extra, it's just $10 for 5GB of data.

Get a free SIM

We'll post your SIM (also for free) within 2- 4 days.