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Setup a Belong modem for FTTP

How to set up your modem

Watch the video for step-by-step instructions to get you connected.

Prefer to read the instructions? Check out the FTTP modem set up guide.

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Introducing the new DWA0122 modem

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Stronger Connection

Get faster speeds and extended range with both 2.4GHz & 5GHz interfaces

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Safe & Secure

Enhanced security features with password-protected capabilities and enabled WPA2 by default

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Entertain me

Connect to the 21st Century with smart TVs and other smart home products

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Handy to have

Forgot your wi-fi password? Connect easily with a scan of the QR code and a timer to turn wi-fi on/off with Time of Day Controls

Where to position your modem 

The best location for your modem is visible on a high surface, away from: 

  • dense objects like fridges, filing cabinets, brick walls and mirrors 

  • bodies of water like fish tanks or a hot water service 

  • devices that interfere with wi-fi signals like microwaves, cordless telephones, baby monitors, car door remotes or a neighbour’s modem. 

Still having trouble? 

  • Unplug all devices that are connected to the phone sockets in your home including telephones, modems and fax machines. 

  • Try turning your modem off for 2 minutes, then on again. 

Still need help? Get in touch

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