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What’s your carbon thumbprint?

In 2020, we estimated mobile data networks in Australia were responsible for more than half a million tonnes of CO₂ every year.

We wanted to help people understand this invisible part of the telco industry and address the problem. That's why Belong became Australia’s first carbon neutral telco (at no extra cost to customers).

The Carbon Thumbprint app

Your Carbon Thumbprint is our estimate of your share of CO₂ emissions released into the atmosphere as a result of powering infrastructure and operations that are necessary to enable mobile data usage.

The Carbon Thumbprint app estimates how much data you use by asking you questions about how you use your phone, including activities like watching videos, spending time on social media and downloading apps. This is then used to estimate your Carbon Thumbprint using the calculations described below. It’s hard to imagine what that actually looks like, so we use augmented reality to bring it to life.

What’s your carbon thumbprint?

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Two mobile screens of the Carbon Thumprint app positioned side by side

Carbon Thumbprint FAQs & data

Note: The data mentioned below is accurate as of early 2020. The same applies to the data used in our Carbon Thumbprint calculator. Things may have changed since then; our info doesn’t reflect that.