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Protecting your account with two-step verification

When it comes to keeping your personal info secure, less is certainly not more.

In an increasingly digital world, online security is getting bigger and better so that we can feel more confident in the protection of our information.

A username and secure password may have once been the gold standard of digital security, but these days we need to lock things down a little tighter. That’s why we’ve recently rolled out two-step verification on all Belong accounts.

What is two-step verification?

Also known as multi-factor authentication (MFA), two-step verification is a form of online security which means you need an extra piece of the puzzle when you’re logging in to your account.

It sounds techy, but it really just means that each time you go to access your account, or when you get in touch with us to get a hand with something, we use two different pieces of info to make sure it’s really you.

The first piece of info is always your password. The second piece is a once-off code sent to your mobile phone or your email address. It can also be facial or fingerprint recognition if you’re logging in to the Belong app from a smartphone.

This extra piece of info means that if someone somehow gets hold of your password, they’d still need access to your phone or email before they could log in to your account.

Why did Belong start using two-step verification?

We want to make sure your info is more secure online, and that includes making sure it’s really you logging in to your account. This increased security is not only important for protecting your account – it’s regulation. Two-step verification is a requirement for telcos under the recently updated Australian Communications and Media Authority standards.

Although it can feel like *another* thing to add to your to-do list, setting up and using two-step verification is a breeze compared with constantly worrying about the safety of your personal info.

How do I use it?

If you’re a new Belong customer (welcome!), you’ll be prompted to set up two-step verification the first time you log in to your account.

If you’re already a Belong customer (hi!), and your two-step verification isn’t in action just yet, you’ll be greeted with a prompt to set it up next time you log in.

In case you need a hand, we’ve detailed all the ins and outs on our two-step verification support page. You can also give us a call on .

Adding two-step verification to your other accounts

You might notice that a bunch of other accounts offer two-step verification. It’s a good idea to set them up for added protection, but also peace of mind.

You’ll need to check the specifics of how to enable it for each unique account, but typically, you’ll find it under ‘Settings’ and ‘Security and Privacy’.

Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter and PayPal are just a few examples of popular accounts you might use that offer this feature to help protect your info.

A strong password is a great start, but it’s no impenetrable fortress. Two-step verification may be an extra step, but the payoff is worth the time. Adding another layer of protection ensures we’re doing all we can to keep your info safe.

And hey, there’s no harm in a little virtual bubble wrap.