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What is phone limbo?

We're always connected to the weird and wonderful internet. Until suddenly...we're not. Like on a flight. Or a long drive. Or while your brand new phone is transferring over allllll your data. These are moments of phone limbo.

Explore it for yourself

From reverse centaurs to alien earlobes, we’ve put the wildest wonders of the internet into a book. Physical copies are sold out, but you can still download the eBook or listen to the Audiobook (see below).

The Audiobook of Limbo

You can now explore an internet wormhole tailored for your earholes. Just ask your virtual assistant (smart speaker recommended) to “Play the Audiobook of Limbo on YouTube/Spotify” while your transfer begins.

Explore more wormholes with carbon neutral data

A funky prawn dancing on a plinth. Pretty sweet.

It feels good to respect the world around you

A carbon neutral production

This book was created using mixed methods of design, illustration, photography and GAN technology. It has been produced using nearly all sustainable materials and any print production's carbon footprint has been offset.

Some would see a stack of books. They would be wrong. This is an image of the internet brought to life in book form.

Created on Gadigal Land

This book was printed, produced and sourced on Gadigal Land. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land. We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and future.

A few more feel-good details

  • Australian made

    This product has been manufactured in Australia.

  • Element chlorine free

    Made using acid free paper.

  • Paper made carbon neutral

    The carbon footprint has been offset.

  • Responsible forestry practices

    Pulp is sourced only from responsibly managed forests.

  • 100% FSC

    Paper from responsible sources.