Reactivate a restricted or suspended service

If we haven’t received your outstanding payment within 25 days from your monthly payment due date, your service will be suspended and you’ll lose all your banked data.

To resume your service, you need to:

•    Pay the outstanding amount

•    Pay your next month in advance

Once that's done, we'll get you back up and running.

To update your payment details:

1. Sign in to your Belong account using your email address and password
2. From the dashboard select Payment details
3. Next, choose Add/edit payment method
4. Select your preferred method of payment - Visa/ MasterCard or PayPal and from there, follow the prompts. 

Avoid having your service disconnected

Belong is committed to providing simple plans with no surprises. But we also realise that life can throw in some surprises and you may find yourself in genuine financial hardship and unable to pay for your Belong service.

To avoid having your service disconnected, raise a support request using the button below. 

If your situation meets our Financial Hardship policy criteria, we'll work with you to get control of your Belong account sooner.