How do I authorise someone to manage my account?

If you need someone else to make changes to your Belong account on your behalf, you’ll need to give them the authority to also manage the account.

This is also called ‘delegating authority’ – and doing it doesn’t prevent you from continuing to manage your own account.

The way you give someone authority depends on whether you’re doing it for a Belong internet account or a Belong mobile account.

Authorising someone on an internet account
1. Log in to your Belong account.
2. Choose Manage broadband.
3. Under ‘Personal details’, select View details.
4. Under ‘Authorised person's details’, click Add details.
5. Follow the prompts to enter the authorised person’s details. 

Authorising someone on a mobile account
You can authorise someone to manage your mobile account by sending us a support request.