How do I check my data?

You can view your remaining data by logging in to your account and selecting manage mobile.

We don't record or track what you spend your data on, but we'll send you SMS alerts in near real-time, letting you know how much data you have left.

PlanSMS alert 1SMS alert 2SMS alert 3SMS alert 4SMS alert 5
$15 | 3GB1.5GB remaining750GB remaining500MB remaining250MB remaining0MB remaining
$25 | 20GB10GB remaining5GB remaining500MB remaining250MB remaining0MB remaining
$35 | 40GB20GB remaining10GB remaining500MB remaining250MB remaining0MB remaining
$45 | 80GB40GB remaining20GB remaining500MB remaining250MB remaining0MB remaining

Once you have no data remaining, we’ll send a final SMS to let you know, and your data speeds will slow to a maximum of 64kbps.