How do I gift my data?

How much data can I gift?

You can gift as much of your unused data as you would like in 1GB increments, as long as you have at least 1.3GB of data and the recipient is a Belong mobile customer.

Who can I gift data to?

You can give data to any active Belong mobile customer. Both the gifter and the receiver will get a notification advising them when the data gift transaction has been completed. The recipient will see your full name in connection with the gift.

If I have received a data gift, will that data be banked?

Yes, any data that you receive will be added to your data bank and available for use, so long as you continue to be a customer and make complete monthly payments on time.

You can gift data via the app or by selecting the Gift Data button below. After that you'll be prompted to sign in to your Belong account using your username and password.