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How do I set up a Belong data plan account?

First up, we’d love to have you. Second, head to and share a few details with us:

  • Name

  • Date of birth (you have to be over 18 to set up an account)

  • Email address

Click the ‘Create account’ button and you’re done.

If you need a SIM card, you can order one for free. Just tell us your delivery address and we’ll send one your way. You can also grab from a bunch of participating stores, if you like.

I’ve got my SIM. What now?

Just (or make one, if you need to) and we’ll guide you through activating your service.

You'll need your credit card or PayPal details since we’ll be setting up your payment option as part of the process.

When you’re done, we'll email you to let you know your service is now active (it can take up to 10 minutes). All that's left to do is insert your SIM card into your device of choice.

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