Can I use my own phone when I set up and connect with Belong mobile?

With a Belong SIM you can use a wide range of SIM-enabled devices that are compatible with either 3G or 4G networks. This includes many mobile phones, tablets and data-only devices like dongles and pocket Wi-Fi modems.

To use our mobile service, your device will need to be unlocked. If you're not sure whether your device is unlocked, contact your existing provider. If it’s locked, your provider should be able to unlock it (they may charge a fee for this).

In order to manage your service, you’ll need access to either a web browser, or a phone or tablet with an up-to-date version of iOS, Android or Windows 10.

As a minimum, your device should support the following requirements:

  •  Devices should be 3G 850 MHz compatible
  •  LTE capable devices should be compatible with 4G band 28 and band 3 networks for maximum coverage and band 7 to maximise customer experience in high traffic areas of the network
  •  Devices should support the full band 28 spectrum
  •  Devices should not be 4G only
  •  Devices should comply with the appropriate 3GPP radio standards.

 Note that, as 2G wireless has been phased out by Telstra, 2G only phones won’t work on Belong mobile, which uses part of the Telstra network.