How do I stop unwanted and harassing phone calls?

Important: If you've received a call or message threatening your life or property, you should call the police by dialling 000 immediately and report the matter to them.

Report a harassing call or message 

We understand it can be stressful and upsetting to receive threatening, harassing calls and other unwanted communications. 

If your call or message isn't life-threatening, you can report it to us by contacting support and we will look into it.

To best look into your issue, you should provide us with as much information as you can about the calls or messages you're getting.

This includes:

  • a record of the time of the communication
  • date
  • duration (length)
  • origin of communication (if you know it)

Please make sure you don't delete the communication (e.g. in a text message).

What's an unwelcome communication?

The Communications Alliance (the primary telecommunications industry body in Australia) provides standard procedures for handling unwelcome communications in its Code for Handling of Life Threatening and Unwelcome Communications.

Note that, under the Code, a Pattern of Unwelcome Communications means that you're receiving the following, which must also be confirmed in our records:

  • 10 or more Unwelcome Communications in a 24 hour period;
  • 3 or more Unwelcome Communications that are spread over a period of more than 24 hours and less than 120 hours; or
  • Unwelcome Communications made at consistent and/or regular intervals.
The Australian government has an eSafety website  with helpful and practical resources for dealing with unwanted communications including harassment via chat rooms, social networking sites,  emails, messaging apps or on message boards.

What about marketing calls?

The Australian government has established a Do Not Call Register where you can register eligible numbers for free to opt-out of receiving most unsolicited telemarketing calls and faxes.